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How SEO Work July 2021?

What is 10 Importance Trends July 2021 For SEO?

July Google emphasizes the Artificial intelligence method of voice search. Because nowadays people can search their requirement through mobile so artificial technology voice assistant can get benefit them more. It is a text-to-speech method. They just speech anything and get the result. Every search engine has its technique. Google has a voice assistant. Amazon has Alexa. It also gets the best benefit for your search. Google also takes priority content as usual as earlier. Spamming websites they can down. You must write unique content for your websites or others. You must write anything just think as a point of the reader, not Google. If the visitor can understand what they want then your websites get more visibility at Google. Are you looking for the best SEO Services in Kolkata? Then Kundu Digital provides the best service.


What Benefit We Can Get from SEO?

Through SEO you can get more organic traffic. Your websites get traffic from other websites which are called outbound links. Your website is the most trustable of any search engine. Google or other search engine bot crawl your websites and check all details of your websites. Index it. Websites structure and speed. Focus keywords you can get rank of your websites when any online visitor search query then can see your websites.

What is The Cost of SEO service including Voice Search?

Basic SEO with focus 5 keywords would be 6000 INR after voice search optimization it would be 16000 INR in India. But all thing depends on company delivery timing and how can they improve your website. Get top SEO service provider Kolkata. You can get the technique how to promote your business from us.

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