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How SEO Effect August 2021?

What is SEO Strategy August 2021?

Broad Core Algorithm Update. is newly introduced by Google.  Kundu Digitak delivered best SEO services Kolkata. Google launched the first Algorithm Update of 2020 .’Broad Core Algorithm Update’. It was declared through the official Twitter account of the Google Search Liaison. SEO can give you an organic lead for your business. it does not get instantly but gradually you can get it. There is some technique should be followed. You just searched the proper keywords and optimized it. you need to write unique content as a user can easily understand as per your requirement. Every day Google has changed its algorithm and if any websites are not doing as per the Algorithm then their websites may be penalized. Google has a new AI which can reflect voice-search. Nowadays so many people search their queries through mobile. It is text to speech machine learning program where any search engine whether Google, Amazon has its robot that can operate your query by a new mechanism.

What can we See in SEO in the Future?

In the future SEO is robotic and manual work is less. When anybody searches for their query near me then Google voice assistant or Amazon Alexa can answer it properly. You can do Digital marketing from us.

What is The Charge of SEO?

 It is initially started at 5000 INR but all things depend on Company’s delivery timing and quality.


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