Digital Media Marketing

How Any Company Do Research By Digital Marketing?

Setting the Future of Digital and Social Media Marketing Research: Prospect and Research Logic


Large potential for marketers that execute AI, VR technologies.

Customer consultation behaviors and customer journeys add to via SMM.

Importance of moral practice and intelligble in use of AI and ML.

Trust is positively affected via the improvement of customer affiancing.

eWOM overload can be reduced by applying new tools and mechanisms.


The utility of the internet and social media have changed customer where they can engage more customer and gte niche audience and the path in which companies arrange their business. Social and digital marketing offers notable chances to entity through less costs, upgraded brand popularity and increased sales. whatever, popular provided exist from negative electronic word-of-mouth as well as invasive and annoying online brand presentation. This article describe how you can get more lead for your website and grow you business to digital and social media marketing. The experts’ point of view offer a describe on key aspects of this important topic as well as point of views on more relevant issues including artificial intelligence, augmented reality marketing, content management, mobile marketing and advertising, B2B marketing, electronic word of mouth and ethical problem therein because content is the king of any website. This research offers a quality and timely donation to both researchers and practitioners in the form of challenges and chances where we emphasize the limitations within the current research, deadline the research distance and develop the questions and concept that can help extra knowledge within the domain of digital and social marketing. Get SEO service provider in kolkata.


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